Vortex Popcornmaskin RoboPop 60

Artikkelnr.: 6060

Høyvolums popcornmaskin. Kapasitet opptil 28 kg pr. time. Dvs. ca 660 liter pr. time. Passer for storforbrukere!

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Vortex Popcorn™ machine Robopop® 60

Robopop® 60 production capacity is up to 28 kg per hour. The machine is equipped with an intellectual control system that makes the whole process fully automatic with minimum operator’s involvement. Robopop® 60 is equipped with a multi-drop oiler and a salt seasoner and can pop both ready-to-eat salty snack and mushroom corn for further caramel coating. It has two separate 15kg corn hoppers for butterfly and mushroom corn and operator can easily switch between corn types. Robopop® 60 can be operated intuitively by the touch screen so the popper will be ideal solution for cinemas.

Robopop® 60 has a warming compartment for two big oil cans; oil nozzle warms up during popping excluding the possibility of oil freezing.

Popper is delivered assembled, after unpacking it is ready for operation.

This model is equipped with two carts for popcorn.


Has the following advantages

- automation of popcorn cooking;

- double grain dispenser of 15 kg each;

- possibility of cooking both popcorn with salt and oil, and popcorn without adding oil for subsequent caramelization;

- a small height of the apparatus makes it easy to fill the grain in dispensers; - a thermal bunker holds two cans of oil;

- the oil nozzle is warmed up during the operation of the apparatus, which eliminates the solidification of the oil;

- the new system of protection of the camera from overfilling allows in several times to reduce the clogging of the camera and simplify the maintenance;

- the unit is delivered assembled, after unpacking the device is ready for operation.


Technical specifications

  • Production capacity - up to 28 kg/h Hopper capacity – 15 kg (each)
  • Rated voltage – three phase 400VAC or 208VAC 50/60Hz
  • Rated power - 11,3 kW
  • Dimensions (LхWхH) - 1430х600х1700 mm
  • Weight - 250 kg
  • CE

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