Varmeskap 90 x 60 cm.

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Selfservice display warmer

Warming cabinets are available with following options:

- with height-adjustable shelves able to be tilted for nacho trays

- with cart equipped with height-adjustable shelves able to be tilted

Original shelves design allows displaying of popcorn cups;

Tilted shelves allow nacho trays to slide frontward as the product is being taken out

Shelves height can be adjusted with 75mm step

Staff member refills warmer from back side; customers have front side access at any time. 

Due to equal convection of warm air along both sides, the whole volume is heated evenly even with the full load

Standard specification: 900*600*2000mm, 3300W

Internal temperature from 30 to 70C

Cabinet made of stainless steel

1 phase.


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